Factories refine your raw materials.

To determine the factory production at a given level, multiply the level with the production at level one.

Type Available from Level Resource Input Resource Output


@ Level 1

Brick Factory 1 Clay Brick 800
Concrete Factory 3 Limestone, Gravel Concrete 2100
Fertilizer Factory 4 Limestone Fertilizer 1210
Ironworks 5 Iron Ore, Coal Steel 450
Oil Refinery 6 Crude Oil Fossil Fuel 640
Glazier's Workshop 8 Fossil Fuel, Limestone, Quartz Sand Glass 640
Copper Refinery 10 Chalcopyrite Copper 270
Insectide Factory 10 Limestone, Copper Insecticide 3500
Aluminium Factory 12 Bauxite Aluminium 320
Plastic Factory 14 Crude Oil Plastic 1800
Lithium Refinery 16 Lithium Ore Lithium 750
Battery Factory 18 Aluminium, Plastic, Lithium Batteries 600
Arms Factory 21 Aluminium, Batteries, Steel Weapons 125
Silicon Refinery 24 Clay, Fossil Fuel, Quartz Sand Silicon 120
Electronics Factory 27 Plastics, Copper, Silicon Electronics 480
Titanium Refinery 30 Ilmenite Titanium 320
Medical Technology Inc. 35 Electronics, Plastic, Titanium Medical Technology 400
Silver Refinery 40 Silver Ore Silver 3000
Gold Refinery 45 Gold Ore Gold 240
Goldsmith 50 Gold, Rough Diamonds, Silver Jewellery 100
Drone Shipyard 60 Batteries, Electronics, Titanium Scan Drone 1
Truck plant 55 Steel, Batteries, Silver Trucks 100

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